z1913 Studebaker Hoaglund

Last batch from Orillia EMF tour

Thanks again for the contributions–this tour had a great turnout!

1909 Ford at Orillia park 2016

More from the EMF tour

Not all participants at the EMF tour were members of the EMF family.  Here we also have a 1909 Ford T and a 1923 American LaFrance.  

1911 EMF Miss Gorel

EMF’s and friends in the park

Thanks to John, Al, and Ray for these great photos of the EMF tour!  Still a few more to come.  

1912 Tudhope Orillia 2016
1911 EMF and 1915 Studebaker Orillia 2016 Smith May

More EMF Tour pics

Thank you to Thor Motors in Orillia for hosting the group on Saturday evening for a BBQ, and for covering the car show entry fees!

EMF’s Tour Orillia

This week, the EMF Registry has held a tour based in Orillia.  This is an active group that recognizes EMF, Flanders, Everitt, Northern, Wayne, Studebaker, Tudhope, and Fisher (did I…

Tour Video

Century-old cars hit the road at Ontario meet   One more link for the Owen Sound Tour……unless, of course, someone else has more photos to share?

z1910 Buick 19

MORE Owen Sound

I’m running out of titles for these posts. Jil McIntosh shared a couple links you should check out.  These go to her womanonwheels.ca blog, with links to the main articles….