Women and old cars

Garry sent in the following:

We invite and encourage female club members to submit their stories and pictures. This is a family HCCA club and not limited to male interests and ideas.
picture caption:
While Garry is recuperating this winter from another heart operation, Annette decided to adjust the carburetor on her 1931 Model A Roadster.
Is Annette using a large enough wrench?. Please help her.

Editor’s note:  Is that a Model T exhaust manifold wrench?  If so, I think it may only be good for un-sticking a stuck float.

This also reminded me of a couple of photos of early racer Joan Cuneo that Chris sent me quite some time ago.  Here’s the first–can anyone identify the vehicle?
Chris noted the following:  “10 spoke front wheels, straight frame, bead on the hood side, belly pan.
I see nothing else special about it.”