Tour History

Parry Sound
September 19, 2009
Parry Sound    
Alan and Wendy Johnson

Cobourg Summer Tour    
July 25, 2009    
Based in Cobourg, ON    
Tom and Janet, Linda and Hugo

Goderich Tour    
June 12, 2009    
Beautiful Lake Huron    
Annette & Garry Potter

“The Second Last Goodwheel Tour” – Part One    
September 19, 2008    
Based in Owen Sound, On.     
Tim and Lynn Spencer 

Sunshine Sketches Tour    
August 15, 2008    
Based in Orillia, On.     
John Smith and Dan Tatarnic

Spring into St. Thomas     
June 6, 2008    
Touring in and about St. Thomas, ON    
Jeff Campbell and Peter McIntyre 

Ontario Shores Tour    
July 22, 2007    
Based in Cobourg, Ontario.    
Andrew Smith, Ian Hayhurst, Stephen Passfield

Spring 2007 Tour    
June 1, 2007    
Based in Beamsville, Ontario
Karen and Alfred Acres

World’s Biggest Pile of Coal Tour    
September 23, 2006    
Based in Simcoe, Ontario
Ian Hayhurst, Jeanine Passfield, Steve Passfield

Muskoka Tour    
May 26, 2006    
Based out of Bracebridge, Ontario
Stan and Sondra Passfield

Fall 2005 Tour    
September 16, 2005    
Based in Lindsay, Ontario
Tom and Janet Huehn

Goofing around Georgetown    
September 18, 2004    
Based in Georgetown, Ontario
Ian Hayhurst and Steve Passfield