The Russell-Knight Jitney

We took our granddaughter to a local museum recently and a picture on the wall caught my eye. It shows one of the many jitneys on the streets of Vancouver circa 1915.  A closer look showed what looked to be a 7 passenger Russell-Knight. It seemed like a pretty expensive car to be touring around picking up passengers at 5 cents a ride.

So, back at home I found the picture and blew it up to see B.C. plate number 2456.  A quick check of the B.C. registry archives on Chris Garrish’s site ( revealed that it was indeed a Russell and was registered to Mr. A.M. Forbes until at least 1919.

It looks like a 1911 model.  It would be several years before the jitneys caught on so I guess it was just another used car by that time.

… one other note:  Mr. Forbes lived just 3 city blocks from Mr. A.E. Fremlin, who owned the 1911 Russell-Knight 38 that is still on the road in B.C.  It must have been a good neighbourhood!

Peter Findlay