Thank you to our Volunteers

Thank you to the Fawcetts and Vermeulens for organizing the Peterborough tour, to the Huehns for hosting lunch, and to those who opened their doors and shared their collections!

Thank you, also, to Ruby Chalmers, for several years of taking care of memberships and our treasury.  This is a big job that is largely invisible to the rest of the group.  Thanks for keeping us in order, Ruby!

Ray Hayhurst has agreed to take on these duties.  Please send your renewals to him at 23 Heyden Ave., Orillia, ON, L1Y 1A9.

Here’s a shot of our REO in the rain Saturday evening.  We had just made it back to the hotel without getting too wet and got everyone and our gear into the room.  I opened the door to go back out and tend to the car and was greeted with the downpour.


REO in Peterborough rain