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Another DeDion Bouton

This one was done up as a roadster pickup with bench seating along the sides.

1911 Mercedes 8/18

Here’s a 1911 Mercedes, fresh from a recent restoration.  Quite elegant!

De Dion Bouton roadster

Another that I could not date, but I’ll guess post-1910 with the door.    What a cute machine! I have been browsing old Gazettes a bit lately.  Did you know…

Austin 7

I did not catch the year on this one, but it’s a really sweet little car.

1914 Humberette

OK, next up is a 1914 Humberette, nicknamed Yvette, apparently.  

1911 Maxwell Model I

Here’s another Maxwell from Australia, flanked by a couple of interesting friends that will be posted later.  Any guesses?  The Maxwell was well decorated with badges and looked like it…

1910 Maxwell AA

As the license says:  1910 Maxwell.  Love those headlamps.


I believe this is a 1911.  I really ought to have taken notes. I have been told that these little Reneaults are very strong little cars.  I suppose they’re not…