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1914/1920 Locomobile 48 Speedster

This long-nosed beast went through the RM auction this year.  Apparently it was built largely from 1920 parts but in the style of a 1914.  It must be a handful…

1911 Buick 14

This cute little Buick, last of the 2-cyl chain drives, sports a very distinctive orange chassis and green body.  There is a similar car on ebay at the moment in…

1912 Simplex

Here’s a 1912 Simplex from this summer’s Vermont tour.  What a way to travel! Be sure to check out the 1916 Mitchell 7 passenger touring car on e-bay this week….

1909 Peerless

Model 19 touring looking very scruffy and a ton of fun.

Caption this: 1912 Reo chassis

The crazy things these old cars make us do….so how would you caption these photos?  Here are a few ideas. “What the heck is that??!!”  (That was Nicola’s;  I’m paraphrasing…

1912 Buick 43

Here’s the big one.  This car looked like it had been restored many years ago and covered many miles since.

1909 Austin

This six cylinder monster is really impressive.  Not many cars could wear butterscotch and cream this well.