Southern Ontario Meets–1953

by W.H.Dettmer

Since the last issue of the Gazette, our club has held three meets which we have summarized in the following paragraphs.  The second tour of the HCC of Southern Ontario for 1953 was a trip through the scenic country surrounding Doon and Blair, ending at Everglades Park near Galt for lunch.  Races, of course, highlighted the
meet, with the cranking race being as usual the main feature.  The weather being in our favour, the cars ran magnificently and absolutely no trouble was encountered.  Credit must go to Harild Leis for the fine mangagement in looking after all the small details which go into a successfull meet.  Everglades Park is sure to be a ‘must’ for a tour next summer.

The Woodstock members were the very capable hosts for the next meet which was held at Southside Park on June 28.  This tour was by far and wide the best organized and certainly the best attended to date.  The
races and contests were entirely original and tested the drivers’ skill to the utmost.  Everyone who made this tour has been most enthusiastic about the hospitality shown and is hoping for an invitation next year. 

On July 19, a ‘roaming’ tour was held with local members leaving Kitchener at 8:30 in the morning and arriving in Brantford at 10:30, where the Woodstock members were waiting. After a short delay, the caravan left Brantford, and followed the Speed River to the Indian Reserve where the cars were loaded onto an antique cable ferry and taken across the river. 

The cars created quite a stir amongst the Indians, who came out of their homes to inspect the cars and take pictures.  From here the tour travelled to the home of the late Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone. 

After a lunch and an inspection of the inventors’s home we were again on the move, this time back to Brantford (via a different route), stopping at Mohawk Park where the track had been reserved for the club for a few short races.  Tom Stewart with his 1909 Ford Model T took all the honours.

Following this the group dispersed and took their respective routes home.


I recently posted a picture of a Canadian Queen, provided by John Smith.  I just found another shot of this car in 1953 when it was owned by R.J. White of Philadelphia.  I wonder if John’s shot was before or after this? 

Where is the car now?