Some Very Sad News

I received this from John today.  Glenn was a giant in the hobby.   More than that, he was simply a very nice man who was always enthusiastic and interested in what everyone else was working on.   One of my earliest old car memories was going to his place to pick up Dad’s 1927 Chrysler roadster.  I was in awe that someone could have such an extensive collection, but I didn’t even really appreciate his cars for what they were, so much as the sheer number of them.  Later, I came to learn how significant some of them were.  I always enjoyed chatting with Glenn, and I think I learned something every time.  Thank you, Glenn, for fostering my interest in this hobby and sharing your vast knowledge.  I will miss seeing you on tours and extend my condolences to the family.  Ian.

From John:

I just received some very sad news.  Kim Baechler called to say that his father, Glenn, passed away following a short illness.  A more extensive tribute will appear in the Commutator, but for now I’ll say that Glenn was, in many ways, the founder of the antique car hobby in Canada.  Furthermore, Cars of Canada, which he co-wrote with Hugh Durnford, remains the definitive account of our country’s automotive history.  On a personal note, he was a wonderful friend and mentor and I will really miss him.

His family is organizing a funeral which will take place  at 11.00am on Monday, July 30th at Grace United Church in Tavistock, Ontario.

Please keep his children Robyn, Kim and Heidi and their families in your thoughts and prayers at this very sad and difficult time.