Photo of the day–1911 Maxwell AB

Deltasone online purchase See the Greenfield 2009 album

Southern Ontario Meets–1953 by W.H.Dettmer Since the last issue of the Gazette, our club has held three meets which we have summarized in the following paragraphs.  The second tour of the HCC of…

Photo of the Day–2009 Johnston

source url Make:  Johnston Model:  Gage Getty ex-Factory date: Mon Nov 23, 2009 8:34 am Place of Manufacture:  Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital Displacement: 7 lb 8oz Wheelbase:  53 cm Congratulations to Alan…

Al’s Parry Sound

More great shots from Al posted in the Parry Sound album.

Alan Johnston’s Hershey

See the Hershey 2009 album for some great shots from this year’s big event. Thanks Alan!

Q&A: 1906 Cadillac Model M Looking for Previous Owners

Last November, I Purchased a 1906 Cadillac Model M in Embro, Ontario.  It was purchased by Bob Delamarter (not sure if the last name is spelled correctly) in the late…

Photos of the Day–See how politicians used to ride in style Two more photos courtesy of John–both cars once believed to have been owned by a Senator Reid of Newfoundland. …

Photo of the day–another Rolls

These Rolls Royces are everywhere you know.