New Smith T comes to Ontario

Check the Model T Photo Gallery for pictures of the Smith’s new 1911, recently introduced to snow for probably the first time in its 99 years.  John and Andrew were understandably very…

John O’Quinn auctions planned I am struck by the variety of cars the late Mr. O’Quinn was able to collect in just 6 years.

ACHAFR-NA 2010 Eastern Seaboard Tour

ACHAFR-NA 2010 Ride-Along Tour up the Eastern Seaboard- starting in Tampa, Florida, and ending in Montreal, Canada arriving for the 2010 Rotary International Convention Tour Date: June 14-19, 2010 The…

When Cars Were Art

A slideshow of artsy cars …When Autos Were Art View more presentations from George Martin.

Find the Mileage of Your Touring Route

It’s easy to figure out the mileage for a car trip: Just go to Google Maps or MapQuest and ask for directions. But those services ignore footpaths and bike paths,…

Free Ontario Road Maps

Request your free Ontario road map and travel guides here:

Tripit! – Organize your travel is a personal travel assistant that automatically organizes all your travel plans. TripIt is free and makes it easy to… Quickly organize all your travel plans — flights, hotels,…

Loki Toolbar

Don’t like to carry around a dedicated GPS device? No problem. Turn your laptop into your navigator with this very clever toolbar, which works in both Internet Explorer and Firefox….