If you do not know what this car is, and it’s vital significance in automotive history, be sure to check out Dale Johnson’s Motoring Memories in the January 18 issue of Old Autos.  Without…

Photo of the Day–1915 Packard

Here’s another notable participant from the 2009 Old Car Festival at Greenfield Village. Photos added to that album.

Photo of the Day–1910 Franklin H

A magnificent white 1910 Franklin in honour of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

STOP! Don’t trade in your Model T just yet!

There are many more miles in your trusty T, and repairs are much more cost effective than you may have realized.  The catch?  Well, you’ll have to go to North…


Another couple of shots from the Old Car Festival, courtesy of Jeremy Colvin.  1907 CarterCar, added to the Greenfield 2009 album.

Pic of the Day–McLaughlin roadster

Believe this to be a 1913 McLaughlin roadster. Any idea where?

Stearns in Muskoka

Here’s a great old postcard of what we believe to be a Stearns. If anyone has additional information on this shot, please let us know.

New Brass and Classic Cars showroom

Longfields Antique & Classic Automobiles Ltd. recently opened a showroom and restoration facility specializing in Brass and Classic cars in Pefferlaw, Ontario.  Visit www.LongfieldsLtd.com for more information.