1907 Russell

We are planning some changes to the website, and how we communicate as a region.  In preparation for that, we have added all paid members as Subscribers to the website….

1909 Pierce Arrow 36 roadster

I needed to run a test of the website email system, so I might as well put up a pretty photo while I’m at it. Please, if you receive an…

Can a Mitchell Fly?

Can a Mitchell fly?  Tom would like to find out.  Check out the latest Classified ads.  

1915 Russell

We seem to be on a roll with the Russells–no complaints here.  This one came from Chris, who found it in an old flyer for the private Hurst museum in Ontario…

1914 Russell

Hugo continues to seek out material on Russells and shares this.  It is captioned as 1914, but could be 1913.  Can anyone shed further light on this one?

Sad News–Margaret Singe

We are saddened to share the passing of Margaret Singe on November 11.   Herb and Margaret attended several tours in Southern Ontario–many will remember their Palmer-Singer and the Pierce…

2016 Owen Sound Tour

Tour registration form now available on the Upcoming Events page!

1908 Russell

Hugo passed this one along–captioned as a 1908.  Thanks!  I think it’s a roadster, with the man’s arm resting on the top bows.  Great windshield! http://www.mhs.mb.ca/docs/mb_history/08/kerrresidence.shtml