The Business End

Here’s a set of photos showing some of the cockpits on tour this week.  How many can you identify?  I managed only 3 of 7 with certainty.  

Owen Sound continues….

This is great!  I can’t keep up with all the photos John is sending!  

More from Owen Sound

Looks like the weather continues to cooperate….  

Welcome to Owen Sound!

The long-awaited Owen Sound tour has finally begun, and John has shared many photos. How pretty is that Cadillac??? Best wishes to the tourists–I hope you have a wonderful week!…

Gravenhurst Car & Boat Show

Paul recently attended the Gravenhurst Car & Boat show and had the pleasure of meeting the great-granddaughter of Ransom Olds!  Here they are with Paul’s REO.  The Tudhope also made…

Tom’s mystery

Tom sent me this photo, challenging anyone to identify it.  How about the big rear-entry tonneau in the background?  Any ideas?  I hope Tom shares the answer too.  And maybe…

Sparks Night

For the past few years, Nicola has lead the local Sparks (think very little Girl Guides) group.  One of their activities has been a family evening with a ride in…

Paul had a busy Saturday with his Reo!  He writes: I worked 9 hours on the Reo yesterday and was successful. I advanced the spark 5° in a permanent fashion….