Tour Video

Century-old cars hit the road at Ontario meet   One more link for the Owen Sound Tour……unless, of course, someone else has more photos to share?

MORE Owen Sound

I’m running out of titles for these posts. Jil McIntosh shared a couple links you should check out.  These go to her blog, with links to the main articles….

More Owen Sound

The tour is over, but the photos are not….

The Business End

Here’s a set of photos showing some of the cockpits on tour this week.  How many can you identify?  I managed only 3 of 7 with certainty.  

Owen Sound continues….

This is great!  I can’t keep up with all the photos John is sending!  

More from Owen Sound

Looks like the weather continues to cooperate….  

Welcome to Owen Sound!

The long-awaited Owen Sound tour has finally begun, and John has shared many photos. How pretty is that Cadillac??? Best wishes to the tourists–I hope you have a wonderful week!…