MORE Owen Sound

10 mg Deltasone I’m running out of titles for these posts. Jil McIntosh shared a couple links you should check out.  These go to her blog, with links to the main articles….

The Business End

buy gabapentin online overnight delivery Here’s a set of photos showing some of the cockpits on tour this week.  How many can you identify?  I managed only 3 of 7 with certainty.  

Owen Sound continues….

This is great!  I can’t keep up with all the photos John is sending!  

More from Owen Sound

diarex online übungen Looks like the weather continues to cooperate….  

Welcome to Owen Sound!

The long-awaited Owen Sound tour has finally begun, and John has shared many photos. How pretty is that Cadillac??? Best wishes to the tourists–I hope you have a wonderful week!…

Gravenhurst Car & Boat Show

Paul recently attended the Gravenhurst Car & Boat show and had the pleasure of meeting the great-granddaughter of Ransom Olds!  Here they are with Paul’s REO.  The Tudhope also made…