What else did you see at The Henry Ford?

I’m running out of titles for these posts…. Maxwell, Buick x2, Model K Ford, colourful speedsters x2  

An interesting Quebec collection on e-bay

I stumbled across this group of cars being auctioned out of Quebec, including several limousines.  The descriptions are very thin.  Is anyone familiar with these cars?  I wonder how many…

Old Car Festival continued….

Locomobile, Ford A, Overland, and DeTamble.  That Loco is magnificent!  

Back to Greenfield

Alright, let’s get back to the Greenfield photos from Tom and Janet.  Stanley, T Speedster, penny farthings, and an awesome Model K Ford.  

1914 Buick B55

Tom sent me this photo of a new member’s 1914 Buick B55–THE BIG ONE!  I would love to hear the history of this car and look forward to seeing it…

1914 McLaughlin B37 Auction

So who got it??  Here are the results Here are the results of the auction last night.  I would love to hear who the lucky winner is, and what they…

Old Car Festival 2016

Hi everyone–Tom and Janet kindly shared several photos from this year’s event at The Henry Ford.  More to come… Looking good, Rory!

New Cadillac in the Region!

Congratulations to Tom and Janet on their latest purchase.  This is a very late 1908 Cadillac–one of the last few 1-cylinders built.  Tom says that it was painted and given…