Tour Announcement

source site Save the Date ……..July 17th to July 23rd 2016 The Southern Ontario and Northern New Jersey HCCA Annual Tour to Owen Sound Ontario. Join us as we tour one of…

1910 McLaughlin Model 8

buy generic accutane uk This beauty appeared in the latest Gazette, but here are a few additional shots.  Very nice work, Frank!  Looking forward to seeing this one!  

1908 Delauney-Belleville

source Last one from Revs–1908 Delauney-Belleville.  Again, a very luxurious car catering to kings.

1908 Mors

Here’s a 1908 Mors.  These were very successful as luxury cars and in racing.  Look at the length of that crank handle.

1896 Panhard & Levassor

Here’s another from the Revs Institute.    I like the different sized wheels on these early Panhard & Levassors.  I think the first one I saw and appreciated was a…

1901 Benz

Sam and Debbie recently visited the Revs Institute in Florida.  This is an incredible collection with a focus on racing, although not exclusively.  I’ll start with one of their oldest,…

Chinese and Romanian automotive fun

March was a busy travel month at work, so posts here have not been a priority.  Here are a couple of shots from the trips that have tenuous relevance here….

1911 Regal Underslung

This dealer always brings some interesting cars to Hershey.  Here’s a fun looking 1911 Regal, at a fraction of the cost of a Mercer.