Ford T versus Tesla S

Right after Hershey, our friend Chris helped to drive a ’15 T from Detroit to Long Island–no small feat for any car nearly 100 years old.  But this wasn’t just a leisurely tour–it was a race against cutting-edge technology:  the Tesla Model S.

The event was covered in the latest Car & Driver.  Be sure to check out the full article here:

This experiment has also sparked discussion on Model T and Tesla forums.
My personal opinion is that the trip was a tremendous success for a basically stock Model T.  The fact that it made the journey in a time that was remarkably close to that of the Tesla is quite amazing.
Interestingly, the T did need frequent gas stops to maintain fuel pressure for the high speeds it was running.  Had a similar race been run when the T was new, it would not have found the abundance of gas stations with 24 hour service–a serious handicap.  The Tesla did not have the benefit of fast charging stations, which it may have in the next 10 years.

Congratulations to David and Chris.  You demonstrated that cars of the Brass Era were built to run.  100 years later, they still can….and should!

Photos from the Car & Driver article