Find the Mileage of Your Touring Route

Gmaps Pedometer; click to view full-size image.It’s easy to figure out the mileage for a car trip: Just go to Google Maps or MapQuest and ask for directions. But those services ignore footpaths and bike paths, and they won’t direct you to go against traffic on a one-way street, though such routes are perfectly fine for pedestrians. And let’s face it, getting the exact mileage is important when you’re moving under your own muscle power.

That’s where the Gmaps Pedometer comes in. This Google Maps mashup allows you to trace your route and get mileage figures. To use it, go to and zoom in on your location. Since Google’s map view doesn’t show paths, click the Hybrid button to combine the map with a satellite photo. Click Start Recording, and double-click on the starting point of your journey. Then double-click on points along the route as you watch the distance, which is displayed on the left, grow.