Confessions of a Hershey bargain hunter, Part One

Written by:Ian Hayhurst

So, what sorts of treasures did everyone find at Hershey this year?
I’ll share the story of one of mine.
While walking the middle of the Red field, I spotted an air compressor.  It

seemed to be in decent shape, and had a price tag of $60.  The vendor

quickly told me (without asking) he would take $50, then $40.  I told him

that it was a bit smaller than what I had in mind and thanked him.  I then

proceeded to think about it all afternoon.  Anyhow, I went back as he was

closing, offered $30, and it was mine.
One minor problem, it lacked a handle.  So, I crab walked it across the

field, back to home base.  By the time I got back, I was fully winded. 

Needless to say, I elicited a couple of skeptically raised eyebrows.
Since getting it home, I have done the following with my prize:

    * bought a new hose (I knew that would be needed)
    * fixed the cracked regulator switch (I may have caused that)
    * fixed the pump-to-tank feed line (I may have caused that too)
    * bought a nifty Canadian Tire air tool kit
    * completely tore down the pump to free the seized piston
    * changed the oil
    * fired it up and watched it vibrate across the floor like an exploring


And finally, I can fill my tires!  Just need to add a handle….oh, and touch

up the garage door trim where I tipped it over…..