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The Old Car Festival 2016

Steve sent in a few shots from last weekend’s event, along with some information on the St Louis.  Who else had a camera there?  

Mystery doors continued

We have suggestions of McLaughlin and 1911 Ford Torpedo.  What do you think?  I’m not sure we can declare case closed just yet….  

Mystery doors

Steve sent in these photos of some early doors his friend is trying to identify.  Any ideas?  The toe helps with scale–they seem rather short.    

Last batch from Orillia EMF tour

Thanks again for the contributions–this tour had a great turnout!

More from the EMF tour

Not all participants at the EMF tour were members of the EMF family.  Here we also have a 1909 Ford T and a 1923 American LaFrance.  

EMF’s and friends in the park

Thanks to John, Al, and Ray for these great photos of the EMF tour!  Still a few more to come.  

More EMF Tour pics

Thank you to Thor Motors in Orillia for hosting the group on Saturday evening for a BBQ, and for covering the car show entry fees!