An Invitation

This year, the Antique and Classic Boat Society Toronto (ACBS Toronto) is hosting our 34th annual boat show at Muskoka Wharf in Gravenhurst on Saturday July 5.  For the 6th time in recent years, we are also planning a car show as part of the venue. 
This year’s boat show theme is “Every Boat Has a Story”, and our feature boat is a 1923 Ditchburn race boat that was recently resurrected and fully re-built after spending over 40 years under water.  Given this theme and that we have limited space at our show this year for a car show due to the addition of a boat auction, we are looking to feature about 20 or so high quality vintage cars that have a fascinating history.  Our hope is that people attending this year’s show will be captivated not only by the beauty of the boats and cars, but will also learn a lot about their background and history. 
A fascinating history could mean that the car is very rare, a prototype, has a racing history, has had some fascinating owners, is all original and still in great shape, etc.
Please encourage any of your club members that have cars that may fit this description to nominate their cars for display at our show this July 5.  There will be no admission charge for car owners to display their cars at the show.  Nominations can be sent to: