2015 Fall Events

First:  Does anyone have photos from the Milton tour, Greenfield Village, or Cobble Beach they can share?  I know we had members at these excellent events.

Second:  Congratulations to the Fawcetts, Thompsons, Longfields, and Hadfields–all award winners at this year’s Cobble Beach Concours d’Elegance!


Finally:  Another Hershey is in the books.  Fantastic weather this year, an interesting auction lineup, and a great opportunity to catch up with friends.  Let’s start with a couple shots from the Swigart Museum.  Dad and I stopped here on the way down for the first time, and glad we did!

Here we have a Model 17 Buick, a very pretty 1909 Overland, some rare Canadian license plates, a 1915 Chev Baby Grand, and (if I remember correctly) a terribly ugly Brewster.

20151005_161350 20151005_161424 20151005_162156 20151005_162202 20151005_162233 20151005_162301 20151005_162437 20151005_162540