1914 Overland Speedster

Here’s a great project that’s underway.  In 1914, Overland built a beautifully proportioned factory speedster.  I believe there may be one original out there, and there are several modified tourings in various degrees of correctness.   This will be as close to the original as one can be.  Thank you Mark for sharing the photos–we look forward to seeing the finished product!

From Mark:

The frame is actually a 79T frame that I altered to the R/S layout. Curiously the front horn didn’t have any designation with a stamp. It only says 79 along with the serial number. 

The trunk is probably impossible to find so I made one. The beauty of doing a project like this is the ability of getting the blueprints from the WOKR archives. My hat is off to the guys that where able to save those documents. If it where not for their efforts this car, without a body, would probably have been parted out, rotting in a field and scrapped. With our access to the prints I can reproduce a rare car exactly to factory which is really cool. Also we get one more Overland back on the road.